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Work with Feng Shui to reduce stress, bringing in peace, joy and tranquillity.



Feng Shui meaning "Wind and Water" is the ancient Chinese practice of integrating the knowledge that our surroundings affect us.

Learn more about how this energy affects you in your home. You will gain insight and awareness of what your home is revealing to you. 


Contact us for consultation of your home, any specific room in your home, or any specific area in your life that you want to enhance and add balance to.

In-person and or online consultations are available with Anistascia a BTB certified practitioner.


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 Benefits of utilizing Feng Shui 

  • Strengthen family connections, and new beginnings

  • Cultivating more wealth, money, abundance

  • Drawing in helpful people into your life

  • Create more joy, complete more endeavors and projects

  • Build on knowledge, enhance self-worth

  • Light up your recognition in the world

  • Enrich your work life

  • Unifying or support in finding a love relationship

  • Balancing over all health and wellbeing 

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In Home Consultations 

In home consultations are a minimum of a 2 hour booking and includes 1 space clearing ceremony. 

Any changes to time or date requires 48 hour advance notice

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Online Consultations

 A zoom link will be provided to discuss your floor plan.

  • 1 hour one room consultations

  • 1 hour calling in "The One" love consultation 

  • 2 hour full home consultation 

All consultations include a 20 minute follow up conversation within one month of original consultation

contact us for pricing 

Bagua Your Floorplan


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I recently had a consultation with Anistascia and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Together we reviewed my home and Anistascia was able to make many simple suggestions about improving the Chi in my house simply by moving a few things in my home and adding a few cures. I put her suggestions into action and felt a tremendous difference just in seeing my space in new ways with new eyes.

When I had company over they, without knowing the reasons for my changes told me my space felt better. 

Anistascia was lovely to work with and was incredibly supportive as I implemented the changes.

Sheila R. 



The Wearable for Holistic Health, Wellbeing and Vitality

The Healy is a small but very versatile device (controlled by your Apple or Android smartphone) that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field for many important areas of life.  

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a special Feng Shui adjustment

  • Single and ready to find your partner?

  • Or are you looking to draw in more love and passion from your partner? 

Learn how to implement colour, elements, plants and other techniques to enhance your love life.  


We'd love to hear from you

Don't hesitate to call Anistascia.

I started working with Anistascia to adjust my office, I could not get anything accomplished., I started lots of projects but found myself leaving them and starting new projects. This made me feel incomplete. 

Not only did we create a space where I felt grounded and motivated to finish what I started but she also helped me adjust the entrance to my home.  My adult children came for a visit and immediately commented upon entering my home how welcoming it felt.  I get compliments now all the time. 

Marion L


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