• Anistascia Kyriacethys

Working with energy

Have you ever noticed your feelings when you walk into a room? How did it feel? Did you get a sense of welcoming and well being or did you want to take two steps back?

I get it, that is energy. How about when you meet someone for the first time, what are you picking up or feeling, there it is again- energy.

Physiologically, our bodies interact with our environment through ambient fields like sound, light, electricity and magnetism. These interactions generate massive amounts of information that we can identify and work with. Feng Shui's, energy flow is called Chi. Chi is life force energy. Over time, the life-force energy in your home can degrade and become stuck and stagnant. Using feng shui in your home helps you remove old, stagnant energy and replace it with new, fresh, vibrant energy!

What Is Feng Shui?

The philosophy of feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment. How do we work with these energies? The bagua is our tool of the trade.

The Bagua Areas

The easiest way to incorporate the bagua in your life is to identify one to three areas that need the most attention. Do not attempt to work on all areas at once. To strengthen your energy or improve flow in those areas, incorporate feng shui suggestions in that particular area.

Family (Zhen)

  • Representing: Family, new beginnings

  • Shape: Columnar, rectangular

  • Colors: Green, blues, teal

  • Season: Spring

  • Number: 4

  • Element: Yang wood

Wealth (Xun)

  • Representing: Wealth, abundance, prosperity

  • Shape: Columnar, rectangular

  • Colors: Purple

  • Season: Spring

  • Number: 5

  • Element: Yin wood

Health (Tai Qi)

  • Representing: Overall wellness, the center

  • Shape: Flat, square

  • Colors: Brown, orange, yellow

  • Season: Transitions between the seasons

  • Number: 5

  • Element: Earth

Helpful People (Qian)

  • Representing: Helpful people, benefactors, travel

  • Shape: Circular, spherical

  • Colors: Gray, metallics

  • Season: Autumn

  • Number: 6

  • Element: Yang metal

Children (Dui)

  • Representing: Children, completion, joy

  • Shape: Circular, spherical

  • Colors: White, metallics

  • Season: Autumn

  • Number: 7

  • Element: Yin metal

Knowledge (Gen)

  • Representing: Knowledge, self-cultivation, skillfulness

  • Shape: Flat, square

  • Colors: Dark blue

  • Season: Transitions between the seasons

  • Number: 8

  • Element: Yang earth

Fame (Li)

  • Representing: Fame, reputation, passion, visibility

  • Shape: Triangle, pointy

  • Colors: Red

  • Season: Summer

  • Number: 9

  • Element: Fire

Career (Kan)

  • Representing: Career, path in life

  • Shape: Wavy, curvy

  • Colors: Black

  • Season: Winter

  • Number: 1

  • Element: Water

Partnerships (Kun)

  • Representing: Partnerships, marriage, self-care

  • Shape: Flat, square

  • Colors: Pink

  • Season: Transitions between the seasons

  • Number: 2

  • Element: Yin earth

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